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If you do not want to use the web3infra service, you can deploy the Arseeding node yourself. This article describes how to deploy Arseeding nodes.

Deployment Method

Arseeding offers two deployment methods.

Storage Mode

Currently, Arseeding offers three storage modes.

It is recommended to use cloud storage as storage for Arseeding, with cloud storage Arseeding can get unlimited scalability (e.g when you need to maintain a large amount of data uploaded to Arseeding nodes by users, local storage may not be suitable for this situation)

No_Fee Mode

Arseeding's bundle module supports payment for storage using everPay. bundle module can turn on No_Fee mode to turn off payment.

Note: With payment function turned off users do not need to pay when submitting bundle type transaction data, the node will receive data from any user and automatically complete the Arweave Network data upload. You may need to implement additional interface authentication functionality or provide the interface to internal services only for use.

Cloud Storage API Key

To use cloud storage, you need to apply for the API Key.

Create AR Wallet & Get AR

To run Arseeding you need to import the keyfile of an AR account and the account needs to have enough AR Token so that you can help the user upload the data to Arweave.

When the payment function is enabled, the user needs to collect the everPay Token from the wallet corresponding to the keyfile after storing the file using the bundle module.

Environment Variable Configuration

A series of environment variables are required to run Arseeding. The configuration of the environment variables and their descriptions are as follows: