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What Is Arseeding

Arseeding is a powerful infrastructure in the Arweave ecosystem that not only provides Arweave gateway functionality but can also be used to upload, download and broadcast any AR native transaction/data. This means that you only need to worry about your own business data instead of synchronizing the full amount of Arweave data. This will save a lot in terms of server operation and maintenance costs.

Arseeding supports bundle (ANS-104) transaction types. Compared to AR native transactions, bundle transaction types are more suitable for storage scenarios where the files are small but the number of files are large. When using bundle for file storage, Arseeding supports everPay for storage fee payments, which means you can use Arweave's file storage service even if you only have ETH, USDC, etc. At the same time, Arseeding can 100% guarantee file uploads to Arweave nodes, which improves developers' storage experience.

Why We Need Arseeding

Currently there are four serious issues for Arweave ecosystem developers.

  1. The ecosystem project relies heavily on the gateway, which has a single point of failure.
  2. There is a known bug in the transaction broadcast service for arweave nodes. txs received by the gateway cannot be broadcasted to other outgoing block nodes in a timely manner. As a result, the gateway pending pool accumulates a large number of txs, but other outgoing nodes do not receive those transactions to have them packaged. The consequence is that a large number of transactions in the pending pool expire.
  3. There is no open source implementation of ANS-104 bundler protocol in the ecosystem.
  4. Arweave ecosystem tokens are less accessible, and the native Arweave transactions are slower. The gateway, which uses everPay for payments, is more convenient for developers to start to build on the Arweave ecosystem.

To solve these issues, the permadao team has developed the Arseeding node.

Arseeding Functionalities

Transaction Broadcasting Service

Arseeding is fully compatible with Arweave native nodes, allowing developers to send transactions directly to Arseeding nodes, means that Arseeding will automatically broadcast the transaction to all Arweave nodes in the network. This feature ensures that the transaction is received in the pending pool of all Arweave nodes in a timely manner, increasing the rate at which transactions are packaged.

Data Seeding Service

Arweave has a probabilistic storage mechanism to ensure that the data on the chain has a very low probability of being lost. Due to the unstable availability of some network gateways, the data upload may fail or even be lost. In a real application, Bob sends a stored transaction through the node and the transaction is packed on the chain normally. However, if does not broadcast Bob's data to other nodes in the network in time, there may be a data loss problem making it that the data cannot be retrieved from the Arweave network.

When developers use Arseeding, all data will be stored to the Arseeding node, developers can use the interface provided by Arseeding to broadcast the data to the whole network, so that the copies of the data are stored by the whole network nodes.

Data Access Services

Arweave has a probabilistic storage system, meaning that each node does not need to store all the data, and even the gateway does not necessarily store all the data on the chain. In practice, developers may need to poll all Arweave nodes when downloading data. With Arseeding nodes, developers can call interfaces to automatically request specified data from the entire network, making it easy and fast to access the Arweave ecosystem.

At the same time, Arseeding can also act as a CDN gateway for developers, providing high-speed download services for applications. This will reduce the single point of dependency on and provide better data services for applications.

ANS-104 Protocol Implementation

Full support for bundle transactions. Arseeding supports uploading multiple bundle items that will be automatically packaged into bundles and data will be 100% uploaded to Arweave network. Support auto parse bundles and split them into items for developers to request bundle item data.

Real-time Payments Without Gas Fees using everPay

Arseeding nodes deployed by developers can be used not only for their own business, but also publicly by all crypto users! The public Arseeding node will use everPay for payments. After uploading data to the public Arseeding node, users only need to use everPay to make a payment without any gas fee to get Arweave's permanent storage service. everPay already supports 5 blockchain networks and dozens of digital assets, so users don't need to worry about not having AR native tokens or paying high miner fees for other blockchains. Users can use any supported token by everPay to immortalize their files on Arweave.